About Ti Kaye

I get asked this question quite often so I felt that I should include this story and do away with the cookie cutter introduction. I hope I can tell it without boring everyone.

This journey started in 1991 when the land came up for sale by a friends’ father, Vincent Devaux. I was in my early twenties then and had little to my name. I did however recognize a good deal when I saw one. I knew the where the property was since I would frequent the bay on friends boats and seeing as I was also a diver, I saw value in the property being in front of the bay where the wreck was and reefs, later to become a marine reserve. I eventually convinced my father to lend me the money on a handshake, completely unsecured, a feat rarely happening anymore, even with kin. I did eventually repay him after 4 years and with great effort; nothing motivates one as debt does. Once done, I held on to it and had no idea what to do with it aside from allow the value to creep up and perhaps sell it for much more than I purchased it for. In those days there was no road, electricity or water available and most people told me that my grandchildren would thank me. I disagreed. Over the years I did get tempting offers to sell, but luckily I knew that selling would mean me spending the money on frivolity, therefore I never accepted any of the offers.

After many years I decided to take a shot at doing a resort development myself and sat one night in my home office (in my garage, as all stories like this start) and listed all the barriers that were in my way and would have to be overcome before I could proceed. I quickly set about researching them and one by one crossing them off the list. I recall the list being 13 items long, the road access being first on the list.

The last thing on the list was “what do I build?” and for that I didn’t require much research, I just followed my desires, intuition and my heart, I conceptualized Ti Kaye the way it is now because it’s the sort of place I would go on vacation. I felt secure in the idea that there would be others in the world that shared the same opinion as I on the topic of where to stay on vacation and that there would be sufficient of us to fill a small resort.

Once the concept had gelled in my mind, I then sought out the assistance of my then father-in-law, the late Wayne Brown, to help me refine the concept and who also gave me advice on building, seeing as I had no experience. Wayne and I remained friends always and now that he is gone I miss him more than I can put into words. I owe a lot to quite a few people who assisted me along the way, too numerous to name here but if I had to name 2 more it would be my late father, Barry Pinnock and Dr. Kenny Anthony, the Prime Minister of St.Lucia. without their encouragement and support, I do not think I would have gone very far.

The risk was huge but I felt that I would rather try and fail than spend the rest of my life wondering “what if?”. Fortunately, and despite the shoe string budget I started with, the resort made it and has become quite reputable. This is not entirely due to location or design but also in a large part to service. I truly think I am blessed with some of the best staff in any resort on the island and the Caribbean. They really do understand what it’s all about and try their best to make your stay with us the best you will ever have. Most of the staff come from the surrounding areas. There is something real and charming about people that grew up and live in the rural parts of St.Lucia. Take that outlook to life plus some resort training and you have something very special.

That really is the nutshell version. Thanks for visiting our site and I hope that you choose to stay with us. If you do, thank you again, I know there are a lot of other choices out there, but I will say that you will not regret it.

Nick Pinnock, Owner.

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