Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need To Know About Ti Kaye Resort & Spa

What is the dress code at the resort?
At breakfast and lunch: Wraps / cover-ups for ladies, shorts and t-shirt for men.  For evening dinner our dress code is ‘elegantly casual’ i.e. summer dresses for ladies, casual shirt and dress shorts / light trousers for men.  Dress jeans are acceptable.

Do you offer trip insurance in the event a hurricane would cause us to cancel our trip?
Regrettably we don’t offer insurance.  If it is not covered by your credit card you may best find assistance on-line or from your regular insurance provider or tour operator.  We do allow guests to change their travel dates without any kind of penalty should a hurricane interrupt or prevent their visit with us.

What voltage power does Saint Lucia use?
Saint Lucia is generally 220V with mostly English plugs and all the rooms at Ti Kaye have hair dryers and 110V outlets for North American appliances.

Can we pay in US Dollars?
The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollars “$EC”.  In many stores and restaurants US dollars are accepted and credit cards are usually welcome.  If you do carry US dollar bills we recommend nothing larger than $ 50.00 to avoid difficulties getting them accepted and changed.

Are the plunge pools at the resort heated?
Unfortunately no they are not but during the summer months they are quite warm.

Are the beaches in Saint Lucia private?
No beach in Saint Lucia is privately owned, however due to the secluded location of Ti Kaye Resort & Spa, it provides the perfect hideaway.

What is the hotel’s policy for inclement weather?
The Hurricane policy will be in effect once the U.S. National Hurricane Weather Center (NOAA) has issued an official Hurricane warning for the destination or the U.S. gateway clients are travelling from/to. The policy is in effect for Hurricane only, not for lesser impacting storms, like a Tropical storm.

IN HOUSE GUESTS DEPARTING EARLY: Guests who choose to depart early from the destination will not be billed for the unused nights.

GUESTS SCHEDULED BUT UNABLE TO DEPART: Guests who are unable to depart due to airport closures will be offered distressed rates to be defined and to be paid directly at the hotel.

GUESTS SCHEDULED BUT UNABLE TO ARRIVE: Guests who are unable to arrive due to cancellation of flights or airport closure will be able to arrive on a later date with the following options:
(1) Arrive on first available flights after the storm and simply take the same number of nights confirmed at the same rate (based on room availability), or stay until their original departure date, being charged only for used nights.

(2) Cancel without penalty

GUESTS CHOOSING TO RESCHEDULE: Ti Kaye will honor the current rates within the same calendar year based on availability, excluding holiday blackout dates of December 22nd – January 2nd inclusive.