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You won’t find plastic water bottles at Ti Kaye Resort & Spa. In fact, you won’t find bottled water of any kind sold onsite, anywhere.

Back when Ti Kaye was under construction, we had no connection to the main Saint Lucia water supply. Because of this we decided to drill our own 70 foot brackish well and install a reverse osmosis desalination plant, allowing us to make our own water!

The water goes through a number of sediment filters, carbon filters and a UV light before consumption, and of course is tested monthly by the Caribbean Public Health Agency.

Not only does this mean that we are exempt when other parts of Saint Lucia experience drought, but it also allows us to do our part to save the environment. After all, when it comes to recycling and sustainability, few things are more wasteful than bottled water.

This allows Ti Kaye to share some of the most delicious and pure water Saint Lucia has to offer with our guests. It tastes like the rainforest: all-natural and without any chemicals, chlorine, or added vitamins. It is pure.

Because we run a plastic bottle-free resort, complimentary glass bottles are provided for guests who stay with us. The next time you’re in Anse Cochon, make sure to have a taste of Ti Kaye Water!

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VISIT SAINT LUCIA IN OCTOBER FOR JOUNEN KWÉYÒL http://www.tikaye.com/blog/visit-saint-lucia-in-october-for-jounen-kweyol/ http://www.tikaye.com/blog/visit-saint-lucia-in-october-for-jounen-kweyol/#respond Fri, 09 Sep 2016 18:11:31 +0000 http://www.tikaye.com/?p=4434

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It’s almost October on Saint Lucia, and you know what that means: it’s almost time for Jounen Kwéyòl!

Celebrated on the last Sunday of October each year since 1984, Jounen Kwéyòl – also known as International Creole Day – is a celebration of Creole culture that has grown to become a celebration of everything it means to be Saint Lucian, complete with our favourite delicious decadent dishes.

Along with the food festivities, you’ll find an abundance of masterful musicians performing memorable melodies. It’s one of our favourite days throughout the year, and we just can’t wait for it.  The perfect opportunity to visit authentic Saint Lucia, you can partake in all the incredible culinary delights we have to offer – and if you happen to be in Anse Cochon, it’s also an excuse to relax on a calm, pristine beach, dining overlooking the water, and enjoying a soothing massage at Kai Koko.

Food, wine, massages, festivities – Jounen Kwéyòl is a chance to experience the best of Saint Lucia all at once. We would love for you to join us!

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Discover Ti Kaye’s 2016 Holiday Events http://www.tikaye.com/blog/caribbean-christmas-celebration-2016/ http://www.tikaye.com/blog/caribbean-christmas-celebration-2016/#respond Tue, 30 Aug 2016 18:28:59 +0000 http://www.tikaye.com/?p=4568

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Looking for some extra sugar and spice this holiday season? Ti Kaye Resort & Spa has the perfect flavour to compliment holiday bliss: the Ti Kaye Advent Calendar!

When guests stay at Ti Kaye for five nights or more this December they are entered in our nightly advent calendar prize draw. From December 1st – 24th behind each advent door, one of our discerning guests will win one of our spectacular and surprising prizes, including:

  • Rum Tasting for two
  • Wine Tasting for two
  • Afternoon tea with a bottle of Prosecco for two
  • $100 Resort Credit
  • Sunset Cruise for two
  • 30 minute Spa credit per person towards any massage or wrap you choose
  • 24th December GRAND PRIZE: FREE 5 night return stay!

Celebrations continue on Christmas Eve with dinner at the award-winning Kai Manje Restaurant, with harmonious Steel Pan notes. Then join us for our Old Years Night Party feast and dance with our DJ and Champagne toast at midnight!

Discover Ti Kaye’s 2016 Holiday Events!

Christmas Advent
Caribbean Christmas
Black & Gold
Masquerade Party
The Advent Calendar Prize Draw has been a mainstay at Ti Kaye Resort & Spa for years!

Every evening starting on the first of December, guests meet in the Kai Manje Bar from 6pm to 7pm. When guests arrive they write their name on a card and put it in Santa’s Hat for that evening’s draw. The winner is then able to head over to the wooded advent calendar to open the door and claim their prize!!

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Dream in a kaleidoscope of colors this holiday season, escaping winter weather by heading to Ti Kaye Resort & Spa in Saint Lucia!

In addition to all the celebrations we have countless activities, from award-winning fine dining, to snorkeling or diving, beach yoga and Yoga Retreats, spa treatments, rainforest hikes, and much much more. Check out our incredible schedule for the details…

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Step into the New Year at Ti Kaye Resort. Step into the New Year at Ti Kaye with a Black & Gold Masquerade party in our cliff hanging bar!

Elevate your senses, massage your palate, or relax and enjoy the celebration. Toast in the New Year with a glass of midnight Champagne! In fact, you can even pre-order the Champagne of your choice!

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Sample Holiday Menus

Christmas Eve Dinner À La Carte Christmas Day À La Carte Old Years Night Menu
Christmas Eve Table D’Hotes Christmas Day Table D’Hotes

Plus More!

This festive season, add sparkle to your celebrations with our fantastic ambiance, tasty food and adventurous island activities. Experience one of the finest natural beach’s in Saint Lucia, Anse Cochon Bay, home to two top snorkeling spots on the island and scuba diving with our own Island Divers.

Relax in our Kai Koko Spa, join our well trained sommelier for wine tastings, and of course – our superb personable staff, some of the best you’ll find in the Caribbean. So, you can choose to stay at home – or join us for what will be a memorable Caribbean Christmas and New Year!


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DSD CURTIS http://www.tikaye.com/blog/dsd-curtis-2/ http://www.tikaye.com/blog/dsd-curtis-2/#respond Fri, 26 Aug 2016 17:54:16 +0000 http://www.tikaye.com/?p=4432

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Curtis has always loved the water.

18 years ago Curtis took a lifeguard training course, and during the course the lifeguard instructor spoke passionately about recently completing his open water certification. The instructor encouraged his students to try it, and because Curtis knew he loved the water, he decided to give it a go – at least, until he found out the cost.

While initially disheartened, Curtis discovered another way: by accepting a job as a snorkel guide after completing his lifeguard training, Curtis found himself working at a dive shop, where he made a point of spending time around dive instructors whenever they were teaching.

After a month on the job his opportunity presented itself and he was able to try diving for the first time, a dive he still remembers vividly 16 years later.

It was the most amazing feeling to be under water and breathing. Nothing mattered at this point. As soon as I came out of the water, I went to the manager and ask to do the certification and become a dive master. Six months later I was a dive master.”

DSD Curtis, recalling his first dive

The life of a professional diver has led Curtis to take strategic opportunities, always building on his skills as he explores his passion. He has worked as a dive instructor while also doing dive equipment repair, captaining boats, and supervising and managing shops.

Visitors can look forward to having fun when DSD Curtis takes them out. While he is a strong believer of safety and checking divers frequently while underwater is routine, he always makes sure to find the most amazing aquatic life to point out, keeping dives exiting.

To keep in the loop with Curtis, check out @IslandDiversSaintLucia on Instagram!

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SEVEN COURSE WEDNESDAYS http://www.tikaye.com/blog/seven-course-wednesdays/ http://www.tikaye.com/blog/seven-course-wednesdays/#respond Fri, 19 Aug 2016 05:00:19 +0000 http://www.tikaye.com/?p=4430

Read More]]> The middle of the week offers foodies a mouth-watering journey at Ti Kaye: Wednesday Night’s Seven Course Menu!

Explore the tastes of Saint Lucia with seven courses of culinary excellence as Chef Denis Jarcot prepares a sampling of local Caribbean and Creole flavours. It’s a chance for diners to discover what makes each one of these ingredients so special, with a focus on fresh, natural organic produce prepared simply with traditional and modern cooking styles. Caribbean seasonings with fresh herbs and spices from our own gardens season and garnish each dish!

The highlight of this dining experience is that each course tells its own story:

  1. The Marlin Ceviche is a combination of subtle heat, with chilies, lime, ginger, and shando beni
  2. Crab and Calalloo Soup provide explosive Caribbean flavors
  3. Fresh local organic greens are on display with the Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad
  4. Pulled Jerk Chicken Sliders combine an interesting blend of flavors with the jerk and traditional St Lucian fried bake
  5. In participation with St Lucia fisheries, the Blackened Lion Fish Fillet showcases delicate, light flavours, combined with traditional green fig salad.
  6. Guava BBQ pork Spare Ribs: a hearty comfort dish that is sure to bring back Mom’s cooking!
  7. And finally, the Trio of Chocolate Sampler is a celebration of local chocolate and chocolate-based products, supporting and promoting Saint Lucian chocolate and cocoa products

It’s a decadent night of delicious delicacies, sure to satiate the palate of weary travelers and foodies alike. We’ll see you on Wednesday nights!

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FOR THE LOVE OF RUM http://www.tikaye.com/blog/for-the-love-of-rum/ http://www.tikaye.com/blog/for-the-love-of-rum/#respond Fri, 12 Aug 2016 17:50:39 +0000 http://www.tikaye.com/?p=4428

Read More]]> Nothing says ‘Caribbean’ more than delicious, sugarcane-distilled spirits. And if you consider yourself a serious traveler, you are excited not just about the destination but also about experiencing everything that is local – and what could be more local than Caribbean rum?

There’s just something about toffee and caramel-like dark rum flavours, the warmth and spice of golden rums, and the clear, crisp rums that create the most refreshing of mojitos.

Not experiencing rum in the Caribbean would be like going to the Scottish Highlands and not having a classic, peaty malt whiskey.

If you can’t tell, we absolutely love our rums at Ti Kaye. In fact, rum is one of our passions, and in order to honour that passion our General Manager and resident Rum Master Sarah Watts has put together an all-new Rum List!

This list features five delicious Caribbean rums, each handpicked for their uniqueness and flavour. The next time you’re in Anse Cochon, stop by Kai Manje and sample some of the most delicious Caribbean spirits. It is sure to brighten your day or liven your night.

Of course, if you prefer wine over spirits, we can accommodate that as well, with our award-winning 600+ bin wine list.

A visit to Ti Kaye is a treat for the senses, sometimes taste most of all!

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CELEBRATING CHOCOLATE HERITAGE MONTH http://www.tikaye.com/blog/celebrating-chocolate-heritage-month/ http://www.tikaye.com/blog/celebrating-chocolate-heritage-month/#respond Mon, 01 Aug 2016 17:43:26 +0000 http://www.tikaye.com/?p=4426

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Chocolate is beloved the world over, but it holds a special place in the hearts of Saint Lucians, and each August we celebrate Chocolate Heritage Month.

We’ll be celebrating Chocolate Heritage Month at Ti Kaye Resort & Spa as well, with a diverse selection of activities both culinary and recreational. Touring cocoa plantations and tasting a variety of local chocolates are essential to August here on Saint Lucia, but there’s also so much more…

Enjoy a nourishing chocolate wrap treatment at Kai Koko Spa – an experience sure to leave you relaxed, content, and floating on air – it’s 90-minutes of bliss!

Of course, if you prefer “tasting” as your favourite way to experience chocolate, you’re not alone! This August, swing by Kai Manje and dine off our Chocolate & Wine Tasting Menu. The only thing that can make chocolate even better is the perfect pairing, and we’re more than happy to put our Wine Spectator Award-winning cellar to good use in celebrating all things chocolate!

Spa treatments, wines, and chocolate – it’s a feast for the senses:

  • DINE: Chocolate Wine Tastings every Thursday!
    ($65 per person plus 10% service charge and 10% VAT)
  • SPA: Nourishing 90-minute Chocolate Wrap
    ($165 per person)
  • TOURS: ‘Sea & Land’ Tour includes a tour of the chocolate plantation
  • AMENITIES: Ti Kaye’s in-room bathroom amenities are locally-made:
    • Chocolate & Mint, Shower Gel, Shampoo & Conditioner

…and more secrets and surprises to be announced! Chocolate lovers won’t want to miss this 🙂

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DIVING SAINT LUCIA http://www.tikaye.com/blog/diving-saint-lucia/ http://www.tikaye.com/blog/diving-saint-lucia/#respond Fri, 29 Jul 2016 17:42:36 +0000 http://www.tikaye.com/?p=4424

Read More]]> Diving St Lucia
Saint Lucia is such a stunning beauty of a Caribbean Island, with so much to explore in her depths that one of her most prominent features can often be overlooked…

That’s right, we’re talking about the incredible diving (and snorkeling) off Saint Lucia’s shores!

An entire underwater world lies beneath the waves off Saint Lucia, with incredible varieties of wildlife and flora and fauna, from reefs to wrecks. In fact, 5 of the most popular wrecks off Saint Lucia are within a two-minute boat ride of Ti Kaye Resort & Spa. The most accessible of these wrecks is the Lesleen M, just 300’ off the shores of Anse Cochon, so close you can kayak out to it!

When you’re enjoying your boutique resort experience, eloping with a lover and enjoying the spa or simply getting away from it all for a private beach experience in Anse Cochon, don’t forget that there are countless adventures waiting for you beneath the Caribbean Sea.

Saint Lucia has a wealth of adventure on land with the Pitons, the drive-through volcano, beautiful rainforest hikes and colonial towns to explore – but never forget that the Caribbean is known for world class diving and our beautiful island paradise is no different.

We just happen to have an incredible wine selection and spa experience waiting for you when you get back, that’s all 😉

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VISIT BEFORE YOU VISIT: MATTERPORT VIRTUAL TOURS http://www.tikaye.com/blog/visit-before-you-visit-matterport-virtual-tours/ http://www.tikaye.com/blog/visit-before-you-visit-matterport-virtual-tours/#respond Fri, 22 Jul 2016 17:40:19 +0000 http://www.tikaye.com/?p=4422

Read More]]> We’re excited to share something new with you. Ti Kaye Resort & Spa now features cutting edge Matterport virtual tours. Now you can visit before you visit Ti Kaye and get a feel for our boutique Saint Lucia luxury resort.

Whether its roaming our award-winning wine cellar inspecting some of our 600+ bin collection, taking a look at the incredible vistas from Kai Manje and Ti Manje, or just exploring your room before you head all the way to Saint Lucia, virtual tours offer a wonderful glimpse of what it is to experience Ti Kaye.

You can enjoy a taste of the spectacular ocean views our rooms provide, get a feel for your new home away from home – and all without leaving the comfort of your home or mobile device.

The accuracy of this technology is incredible! It shows us for what we really are, and there’s nothing quite like a “visit before you visit” to get yourself excited for a Saint Lucia vacation.

We invite you to explore Ti Kaye through the virtual tours below!

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KAI KOKO SPA RE IMAGINED http://www.tikaye.com/blog/kai-koko-spa-re-imagined/ http://www.tikaye.com/blog/kai-koko-spa-re-imagined/#respond Fri, 15 Jul 2016 17:38:11 +0000 http://www.tikaye.com/?p=4420

Read More]]> We are so unbelievably excited to talk about the new and improved Kai Koko Spa!

Every once in a while it is wonderful to spice things up with some changes, and in keeping in line with Ti Kaye Resort & Spa’s vision moving forward, Kai Koko Spa has become better than ever.

All of our new treatments are 100% locally produced and sustainable, with our all-Saint Lucian team taking care of your every need. From our locally-sourced vegan nail polish to the seaweed to the sulfur to the chocolate, every aspect of Kai Koko Spa provides a premier Saint Lucian boutique spa experience.

You won’t find Thai Massage when you stay at Ti Kaye, you’ll find Saint Lucian Massage, and your life may never be the same.

Head on over to our newly-updated Kai Koko Spa page for more information, or to browse the new Spa Menu.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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