Kai Koko Spa Products

Your Ticket to a Memorable Day

Our Kai KoKo Spa products are all made locally here in St. Lucia by St. Lucian born Dr. Gayle Deveaux-Segovaux, owner of Natmed. Below is a personal word from Dr. Gayle Devaux-Segovia, N.D.

“I grew up in St. Lucia, part of a French colonial family that has been in St. Lucia since the 1700’s. My husband and I, both Naturopathic Doctors, opened our practice in St. Lucia in 1996. Shortly thereafter, I became pregnant with our first son. Out of concern for the future health of our unborn child, and with a background of a B.Sc. in Biochemistry, we began to experiment with natural ingredients to create a natural insect repellent that we could safely use on our infant. Working diligently in our kitchen, we produced our very first product – ‘Caribbean Blue Naturals Insect Repellent’ – packaged it for the local market, and thus Natmed Limited was established in July 1997.

Three children later and with several more products in our portfolio, our goal has always remained the same: to produce truly all-natural products of the highest quality. Our main product line is Caribbean Blue Naturals line of all-natural sun care and skin care products, including sunscreen, repellent, moisturizing lotions, massage oils, body scrubs and soaps.

All our products are made right here in St. Lucia using only the finest natural ingredients – from pure St. Lucian coconut oil and cocoa nibs, to exotic essential oils from as far away as Malaysia and Indonesia. The products are all formulated to be gentle and nourishing, free from harsh synthetic chemicals, fragrances and colour, so that you can be sure when you are using Caribbean Blue Naturals, you are getting only the very best for your skin”.

Dr. Gayle Devaux-Segovia
Natmed Ltd