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Saint Lucia Scuba Diving at Its Best

Ti Kaye Island Divers has recently undergone a facelift and is now a well equipped fully functioning dive shop, the best the island has to offer. From its humble beginnings back in 2003/4, as the Resort developed and expanded, so did the Dive Shop. Fully furnished with a new Dock, training room for certification courses, variety shop and new boat, Island Divers has raised the bar of the typical dive experience. Known on island as a well-appointed and expertly resourced dive shop, Island Divers reputation is well deserved. If you are a diver, you will know dive shops and what they normally look like, well this one will raise your eye brows, it’s that good. But don’t take our word for it, come judge for yourself. By far the most important asset of Island Divers is the staff. Their knowledge of their craft is unparalleled and upstaged only by their easy going and carefree nature; justly a fantastic bunch to work with.

A well equipped dive shop offering a series of courses and specialty dives, Island Divers truly is a divers’ perfect one stop shop for everything dive located on the beach. Not only is the property located within a marine reserve, divers will enjoy some of the best dive spots on the island including the Lesleen M wreck; a 165-foot freighter that was sunk in the bay in 1986 and the Anse Cochon Cove, one of the best diving hotspots on the island.

First timers are welcomed as our patient instructors will take you by the hand, only letting go when you are more comfortable. Come experience a whole new underwater world and book your adventure today. A full range of PADI Certification, PADI Specialty Courses and Discover Scuba Diving packages are available too. Be sure to visit the photo gallery for a virtual tour of what awaits you at Ti Kaye Island Divers and check out our competitive rates too!

Be sure to inquire about our Diver Package and DSD Package if you are not staying at the resort. We are happy to accommodate you and offer hotel transfers as well.

Join them for pool demos at the main pool if you need a bit more convincing before taking the big plunge into the open water. If you are an avid diver and require more information, please contact the dive shop directly, either by email or telephone and they will be please to answer any question you may have about the operation or the diving.

We recommend that guests pre-book their dives prior to arrival at the resort. Please check out the Scuba Diving section within our booking form.

Take the plunge and release all your inhibitions with a liberating dive today! Ti Kaye Island Divers… freedom!

Telephone: 758-456-8110
Fax: 758-456-8105
Email: [email protected]

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Diving Rates

Looking to do some diving while on Saint Lucia? Island Divers offers a wide variety of dive options, equipment rentals, and as always, maintains the highest standard of safety and quality in everything that we offer. We look forward to diving with you soon! Dive Rates for Certified Divers (including tanks and weights) 1 Guided...

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Certification & Training

Island Divers is pleased to offer a comprehensive list of PADI training courses. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything in particular you’re interested in! PADI Course Rates PADI Discover Scuba Diving: $80 PADI Scuba Diver Course: $330 PADI Open Water Certification Course: $495 PADI Advanced Open Water Certification Course: $350 PADI Rescue...

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Dive Sites

Saint Lucia is a lush mountainous island boasting the Caribbean Sea on the west coast and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. Known as the Helen of the West, this island paradise has a dramatic topography; twin pitons, walk in volcano and numerous waterfalls scattered across the island. Underwater, the beauty is just as spectacular with a number...

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Q: Can my spouse come on the boat without diving themselves? A: Yes. Your non-diving partner may come along but will be charged for their use of the boat. Q: Is there diving courses available for non-certified persons? A: Absolutely. Non-certified persons and first-timers interested in diving may take certification courses with Island Divers. Be...

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